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Friday, January 6, 2012 Labels:

Website Animation Rates: What is Too High?

A aide afresh asked me what I anticipation about a 44.82% animation rate, if it seemed high, and if it could account suspicion for advertisers. A "bounce" occurs back a web armpit company enters a accurate folio and again leaves the armpit afterwards visiting any added pages afore a defined session-timeout occurs.

In actuality, the animation amount can be absolutely approximate depending on the website. For some, a animation amount of 44% is absolutely high. I accept a applicant who sells modular homes and she has a animation amount of about 15%. If she goes up to 20%, she starts panicking.

Another applicant who sells recycling containers already gave me a benefit back I got his animation amount beneath 50%. It was ahead about 65% and I adored him about $550/month.

Still addition client, a dryer aperture charwoman specialist for whom I'm aloof accomplishing SEO work, has a animation amount of about 65%. Here's the reason: he's a bounded business whose armpit is so able-bodied optimized, it comes up for searches all over the country. Back they see that he alone does business in Hampton Roads, they leave. His animation amount for bounded cartage is abundant lower.

However, my aide has a applicant who is experiencing a 44% animation amount with a bounded account armpit and is anxious that this cardinal is not acceptable for advertisers.

This apparently is true, but the website analytics would accept to be analyzed to apperceive for sure. It could be that best visitors are beat on a adventure they Googled and again larboard afterwards account it. A aerial animation amount on Google referrals would affirm that. For my colleague, a abutting attending at folio acceptance could absolutely acknowledge an befalling to argue advertisers to advance added announcement on the top 5 pages--prime absolute acreage if the pages are accepting lots of traffic.

The key is website conversions. If the armpit is converting a fair allocation of its traffic, a aerial animation amount is beneath important. It's alike beneath important if those conversions are axis into aerial revenue. For example, if a absolute acreage abettor is spending $1000 per ages on paid attending business and axis that into $30,000 in profit, a animation amount of 60% is irrelevant.

The best access is to attending at it holistically. Baseline the animation rate, assay the data, set a goal, and assignment to lower it. Your armpit analytics will acknowledge abounding important factors that will acquaint you area you are crumbling money or area you are missing the target.


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