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Does Google PageRank admeasurement SEO action success?

Google PageRank is actual generally referred to as an indicator of a website’s accent on the web, how able-bodied it’s optimized for search, or area it will arise on the look agent after-effects folio (SERP). Unfortunately, it is not a accurate indicator of any of these.

Google PageRank is the best arresting metric accessible to the accepted internet user and what best bodies who accept a accidental absorption use as a adviser – because it's visible. The metric appears in the Google browser toolbar and gives a accomplished cardinal aftereffect on 1 to 10 calibration – 10 actuality the ‘perfect’ score.

Even abounding SEO practitioners accredit to the metric, apparently because it’s article that the accepted internet user is added acceptable to be accustomed with.

A few facts about Google PageRank:

  • PageRank is a raw adumbration of articulation popularity. It takes none of the important metrics into annual such as ballast text, spam activity, folio appliance to the look terms, or abounding others.
  • PageRank is computed on a logarithmic calibration (think Richter scale). Moving your page’s PageRank from a 5 to 6 is a heck of lot harder than accepting from a 4 to a 5 – about 8 to 9 times harder.
  • The PageRank you see in your toolbar is alone adapted on a desultory basis. It was afresh adapted alert in a 2 ages aeon but has gone as continued as 11 months after actuality updated. So abundant can change in a anniversary – never apperception 11 months. Google updates a page’s accurate PageRank generally – you aloof don’t see it in the toolbar. And all those sites that analysis PageRank for you – they’re application the toolbar advice – not the accurate Google rank.
  • PageRank is a PAGE rank, NOT a area rank. The PageRank you see refers to the folio you are on, not to your website. Typically the accomplished PageRank on a armpit it its home folio – but that is in no way the rule. Added and more, sites who accretion best of their cartage from look accept pages aural their armpit that are added accepted than their home page. There are added accepted rankings that admeasurement area strength.
  • There is little alternation amid a page’s PageRank and its position in a look agent after-effects page. As a agency affecting the algorithms that actuate area a folio ranks for a accurate keyword, Google PageRank counts for alone a atom of that equation.

As an archetype of how ambiguous PageRank can be as an indicator of website relevance, I looked at three above residential absolute acreage brokerages in Chicago, all of whom currently accept home folio 

PageRanks of 4. Looking at a area ascendancy metric, which measures the aggregate PageRanks of all pages on a area (as able-bodied as abounding added factors), those aforementioned brokerages accept area authorities of 43, 51 and 68 (scale of 1-100), which is a huge variance, accustomed the logarithmic calibration that the area ascendancy is abstinent on.

All that said, home folio PageRank does accept a alternation to the acceptance of a armpit and has an ‘at-a-glance’ allegory value. Aloof don’t put too abundant acceptance in it.


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