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Friday, January 6, 2012 Labels:

When you Bang the ADD URL TO MSN articulation , You will be led to the Abide Folio of MSN. Access your url and bang abide url.

Once you access your URL and bang you are taken to the acceptance page. As you accept submitted the url ensure that you do the following, It will access the achievability of your armpit accepting listed.

Using your hotmail user name and countersign assurance into your annual at

Webmasters articulation provided at the basal of your appropriate duke ancillary on the acceptance folio if you do not accept a hotmail annual you can use your email annual with beast or google or may assurance up for a new hotmail account.

Once you log into your annual you will be on add your armpit page.

Add your armpit by entering the url in the box and beat on add a armpit button. Once you add your armpit you will be asked to verify the armpit .

A armpit which is absolute is added acceptable to be included than a non absolute site.

Upon beat the add a armpit button you appear beyond a folio area you are asked to ample in the afterward details:

Website add:

Sitemap add:

Verification: ( 2 options provided) Choose the Look for a Meta tag I'll add to the home folio file.

Contact information:

After bushing these capacity columnist abide button.

You are again taken to acceptance folio giving you capacity that your armpit is added,copy the affidavit cipher provided in the box beneath it looks article like this

and add it to your homepage bang actuality to see the analogy on how it should look

After this you are now accessible to Authenticate columnist the o.k button and you are done.


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