Keyword Density Still Matter For SEO

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Does Keyword Density Still Matter For SEO
If you apprehend aback through added advice on chase agent access (SEO), such as from 4-5 years ago, you will apparently acquisition that the keyword body played a acute role in how including a folio ranked in chase engines. In case you are not accustomed with the "keyword density" refers to the accord amid the targeted keywords on the actual words on a web page. For example, meant a keyword body of 5% , 5% of all words on a accustomed folio are targeted keywords for that page.

Webmaster and SEO (myself included) would accept to absorb a lot of time to assay the pages to try to actuate the absolute keyword density, which sends the armpit to above chase engines. Each agent has been the "sweet spot" back it came to the body of keywords. If you could acquisition that candied spot, you were golden.

Unfortunately, those canicule are gone. So abounding sites today, the baronial is bent by abundant added than keyword density. Factors such as articulation popularity, articulation reputation, the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), words of support, etc. All role-players' in one way or another, and in one way or another, the accession in page. There are abounding added factors at play, which is not aberrant for pages to rank adequately aerial for a aeon that does not alike accept a folio is accustomed the appropriate of added factors.

This agency that the keyword body is dead? Well, to some extent, yes. Keyword body still plays an important role in how a folio class, is artlessly that it is not about as important a allotment as it was 4-5 years. In added words, if all things actuality equal, the folio that has the characterization on that folio that does not exceed, but alone because a folio has a aerial keyword body is meant to be able-bodied positioned in the engines .

When designing pages with SEO in apperception today, I usually shoot for a keyword body of anywhere from 3-15%. Body about depends on the bulk of argument on a page. I can not "sweat. I appetite the folio to apprehend naturally. I additionally accomplish an accomplishment to accommodate other" abutment "statements in the folio as synonyms and added words or phrases you would apprehend to acquisition on a folio with the keyword I'm targeting. It is acceptable added important, but I'll awning that added in addition article.


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