5 Things to Avoid in Blogging

Friday, August 12, 2011 Labels:

In this post, I appetite to address about 5 things that should be abhorred in blogging. Anything that charge not to be done:-

1. Blogging After Planning - Planning is actual important in any affectionate of activities and works, including blogging. Don't accept to be circuitous but added to acclimation and able planning afore you alpha to blog; what you appetite to address and what is the purpose of the commodity itself. With able planning, it will advice us to be acclimatized and consistent.

2. Blogging After Amusing Networking - Blogging is not aloof autograph an commodity and column it to your blog. Blogging needs to be amusing networking: actualize accord amid bloggers, internet marketers or forumers, accommodating in forums, discussion, commenting to added sites and allowance others to actualize able accord amid others.

3. Stealing Accessories After Permission of The Author - One affair that needs to be advised is how you feel back you address an article, column it to your blog and after your permission; somebody steals your commodity and column it to their blog? You charge feel actual agitated and you will booty added activity to the blogger. So, you charge apperceive that never archetype accessories from added sites, address your own commodity and accomplish it unique.

4. Not often Updating Blog - Blogging is about carrying knowledge, information, opinion, solution, belief and abounding more. If you not often amend your blog/site, you are not focus and blogging is not your best option. Added than that, if your blog has approved visitors, it will abort them and by the end, chase engines will become apathetic to clamber to your site/blog unless you are absolutely active and things that cannot be avoid.

5. Over-Monetized Blogging - If you aloof blogging for money after cerebration about the affection of your blog, it will not aloof authoritative blogging industry no good, but additionally accomplish the visitors fed up and apathetic to appear to your blog again. So accomplish sure, alike admitting you blog about money but you charge to column a different and acceptable content.


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