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Driving your Success with CPA Affiliate networks

With hundreds of advertising and affiliate networks all promising to be the best out there we realize the task of choosing and integrating new parties to work with can be a challenge. Ad networks are not created equal. Let us show you what we do differently and how we're changing the industry.

JOOOG Network Affiliates offers you the tools to make money from traffic on your website, blog or email database. You simply pick up text links, banners, emails and other media from our comprehensive affiliate platform and include them on your website.

You can also select a range of offers and products to suit your own content and audience; this will help you generate the most effective response and help increase your commissions and ROI. We also have account managers to help you; all of whom will be able to give you some sound advice and point out some of the best performing campaigns and media.

The beauty of our technology is that it requires very little technical expertise. By joining our network you can offer a range of offers and promotions, carry banners, text links, bespoke offerings or send email campaigns to your users. All this plus market leading reporting tools and analytics to review your own performance.

High Performing Offers

We give you hundreds of offers to choose from, so that you can get higher return. We have segregated each offer depending on Country and Niche, to make it simpler for the Publisher at the time of choosing a particular campaign. 

Real Time Reporting We provide you with real time reporting, with which, each publisher has access to view his/her commissions earned and conversion rate. The publisher can view leads, clicks, impressions and sales of his/her offers run, which is available 24*7.

Payout We generally follow a NET30 payout mechanism or as and when we get the payment from our advertisers. Our payout is generally made through Paypal or cheque. Weekly payments are also available for High performing publishers. Personal Publisher Support Jooog Network believes in Publisher Support which is provided to the publishers though our assigned affiliate managers, who are constantly there to help the publishers as and when needed. We understand that publishers are important in an affiliate network as they are the one's who ultimately derive the revenue and further returns.


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