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17 Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking

As I promised before few days I am back now with the useful ways to improve the Alexa Rank of your Blog/site. If you have missed my previous post on How Alexa Works then you must read it before reading the ways to improve it. I never bother about Alexa but still I do bother some times because of the Advertisers eyes. Anyway let me list out the simple ways to increase your Alexa ranking, hope you will try few.

1. Install the Rank Widget:

This is the first step you must do it on your Blog/Site. Go here and a widget for your site with all the details. Copy and paste the JavaScript code generated in your Blog/Site at the place you want. If you feel that this will be a big one then you can also place the rank widget alone in the Blog/Site. This can help you to improve your Alexa rank with a good quick hype. Every single click on this widget is counted and this gives a real boost in the ranking.

2. Install the Alexa Tool Bar:

This is the second step in your Rank increasing process. Download the Alexa Tool Bar and install it in your IE orMozilla. If you do not want this Tool bar for your Mozilla then try thisSparky Addon which does the same job as the Tool Bar. As already said Alexa collects information about your Blog/Site using this Tool Bar so installing this can really help you to improve the rank. The best advice is to open your site/Blog daily for at least two to three times in both the Tool Bars.

3. Blog about Alexa:

You can write reviews or some useful posts about Alexa in your Blog/Site and link to it. This can really help you to get hype in your rank but this will not help a lot in increasing.

4. Reviews:

It is being said that Alexa considers the Review of your Blog/Site on the Alexa. I am not sure of this but still I have tried with this option. You can ask your friends/relatives to review your site/Blog on Alexa as it can help you get more authority on Alexa.

5. Posts:

Do not get confused about this title this is nothing but the posts in your Blog/Site. You must post regularly at a good constant rate which can help you to increase your Alexa. A regular way of posting will definitely help you get good hype in your rank.

6. Alexa Auto Surfs:

There is handful of sites which offers you free hype in your Alexa ranks based on the credits you earn in those sites. Some sites offer the service online and few offer this to you once you download their software. You can put this exchange surf in automatic or manual mode to increase your Alexa rank. This works based on the concept of exchanging web pages visit having the Alexa Tool Bar installed i.e. your site will be shown to a webmaster who has the Alexa Tool bar and the vice versa.

These 6 are the major things that you must do to increase your Alexa rank but still the list is not over as there are few others as well. Here are the few minor but needed things that you must concentrate as well,

7. Ask your friends/relatives to install the Tool Bar and keep your Blog/Site as their Home Page.

8. Alexa Tool Bar is mostly installed by the Webmasters so it is always a good way to write about things which will attract the Webmasters. Simple blog about Webmasters

9. If you know a cyber cafe owner then ask them to keep your Blog/Site as Home page with Alexa Tool Bar installed. You can even pay them a sum of money as a rent every month if you can afford.

10. If you are working in an office or running an office then ask your colleagues to use the Tool Bar and keep yourBlog/Site as the Home Page.

11. Keep the ‘Review this Site' banner on your Blog/Site.

12. Alexa considers the Search Engines ranking of your Blog/Site as well so try to focus on it and improve it.

13. Try to reduce your Bounce rate and increase your Average site time. These two factors can help you to increase your Alexa Ranking. Check out the post about ways to decrease your Bounce rate.

14. You can also create a webmaster tool and place it on your Blog/Site if you can. If you have a unique and a good tool then I am sure you will get good amount of returning visitors.

15. Build Backlinks for your site but make sure that you build it from Authority sites i.e. from sites having good amount of Backlinks to itself. Never mind about the character of the link i.e. nofollow or dofollow just built it from high authority sites.

16. Try to promote your Blog's popular articles as much as you can. This can help you to improve the Pageviews of the Blog immensely. If you have missed my post about how to grab attention for your articles then do read it.

17. Last but not the least, comments. The number of comments will also help you to get good Alexa ranking, so try to comment on your niche oriented blogs using your Site/Blog's URL on the Website Column.

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