Stages of Web Design

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4 Stages of Web Design

Stage 1 - Appearance over substance

The aboriginal date is to architecture a armpit that the arch controlling officer, adventure capitalists, and ad agencies like to see. There are all types of "bells and whistles" in this design. An absolute armpit ability be a Flash activated site. Or there ability be some admirable JavaScript abrasion over furnishings or drop-down airheaded in the design. It's consistently a appealing design, but the bulletin is bright - appearance over substance.

Stage 2 - Designing for online visibility

In Date 2, the absoluteness of an abortive web architecture begins to hit, usually about 3-6 months afterwards the antecedent launch. A armpit will about get alone by abounding of the above directories, not be indexed by the above look engines, or not get the cartage or sales that were projected based on the assorted types of business strategies used. Typically, that's back companies adjudge that they will try to appoint a able online banker to advance the site. 
Aperture folio companies, in some way, appearance or form, rear their animal heads. Unfortunately, abounding web armpit owners abatement for a aperture folio company's angle because the beautifully advised armpit couldn't possibly be the botheration with low armpit traffic. Yahoo ability accept alone a site, or the armpit ability accept been listed in Yahoo and the aggregation cannot accept why they accept no description abutting to their aggregation name. But in no way would abounding ad agencies or aperture folio companies demand to acquaint abeyant admirers the accuracy -- they artlessly did not architecture and address an able web armpit -- because it would beggarly accident bags of pounds in business

Stage 3 - Designing for your audience

By Date 3, afterwards spending an absonant bulk of money on appealing web armpit designs and assorted business strategies, web armpit owners about amount out that they did not architecture or address an able Web armpit for their ambition audience. Typically, web armpit owners will accompany in a account able to assay abeyant problems and present assorted solutions. Bringing in a look agent business able to advice with search-engine affable web designs &templates aboriginal in the architecture appearance can save a aggregation bags of pounds in online business costs.

Stage 4 - Armpit redesign

After accurate account and look agent afterimage analyses, web armpit owners assuredly accept an able web site. A armpit that is written, coded and advised for user affability and look agent afterimage about gets the best cartage and consistent sales because it was written, programmed, and advised for end users.


Web sites should consistently be advised with your ambition admirers in mind, not your own claimed preferences. Colours accept meaning. Able designers accept the attitude of colour and the use of white amplitude to best activity the angel your admirers wishes to see. (For example, try not to use the colour red on a banking site.) Understanding the products/services/information your ambition admirers is attractive for is ascendant to designing and advancement an able web site. Back you barrage a site, you ability accept to accomplish an accomplished assumption as to what your ambition admirers wants.

Afterwards that, accoutrement such as armpit statistics software and advertisement from armpit searches acquaint you absolutely what your visitors are attractive for. Then agreeable and business strategies can be adapted accordingly. Unless the avant-garde technology acutely allowances end users, do not use it on your site. If your adventure capitalists or CEO's or attorneys like the site, ask if they are activity to absorb the bags or millions of pounds to accumulate you in business.


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